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About KLD

Private sector firms, utilities, governments (federal, state, local), partners and system integrators gain a critical advantage from KLD's ability to solve traffic and transportation problems.

Services we provide

You can rely on KLD to help plan and smoothly execute traffic and transportation initiatives within these primary areas

Traffic and Transportation Engineering / ITS

Evacuation Time Estimates and Emergency Planning

GIS and Other Support Services


Our professional experts

KLD has approximately 80 professional and support staff members, including transportation and traffic engineers, software developers located in its offices in Islandia, N.Y.

Serving clients of all types and sizes

We serve federal, state and local governments, the power industry, corporations and private clients throughout the United States. We have assisted clients recently in Japan and Canada, and earlier in Spain, Taiwan and Korea.

While KLD is not a full-service CE firm, we can team with your firm or your selected team members, or we can draw on firms with which we have worked effectively in the past to service your needs.



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