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Safety and Crash Investigations

Automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, traffic safety experts, medical centers, research institutes, policy makers, government agencies and many others depend upon KLD's total accident investigation and reconstruction services to

  • Improve automotive safety
  • Save lives

They apply the comprehensive accident data we collect and compile to

  • Analyze accidents
  • Study crash patterns
  • Identify vehicle and roadway safety issues
  • Develop safety measures
  • Reduce vehicle crashes

And much more...

Skilled investigators gather data

Our professionals, including

  • Transportation and traffic engineers
  • Software developers
  • Safety specialists
  • Project managers

are available to assist you.

By applying detailed information gathered by our forensic accident investigators, we can help you to

  • Reconstruct accidents and identify their causes
  • Evaluate vehicle occupant protection

KLD researchers also assemble medical records and other information concerning events and circumstances influencing individual accidents.

All-inclusive investigation services available to you

KLD's total accident investigation and reconstruction services provide you with

Crash Scene Inspections

  • Scale diagramming
  • Documentation and analysis of
    • Physical evidence
    • Environmental factors
    • Roadway and traffic conditions

Vehicle inspections

  • Crush profiles
  • Post-crash measurements
  • Crash data analysis
  • Speed reconstruction
  • Safety system performance analysis

Driver and vehicle occupant investigations

  • Injury causes
  • Accident-related occupant movements
  • Medical records analysis

Reliable conclusions

  • Well established data collection procedures
  • Thoroughly documented and verified facts

Timely service

KLD's investigation resources are available to accommodate your vehicle accident and vehicle safety projects and schedule.

GIS and Other Support Services

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • Production quality maps
    • Geo-database creation
      • Inventory of special facilities within an area
  • Development of traffic management plans
  • Determining placement of evacuation route signage
  • Development of evacuation bus routes for transit-dependent population
  • ETE sensitivity studies for large-scale special events (e.g., sporting events, college graduations, state fairs)
  • Travel time studies for minimum critical staffing at nuclear plants
  • CAD drawings
  • Condition diagrams
  • Conceptual intersection designs
  • Conceptual corridor designs



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