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KLD Senior Management

KLD's senior leadership team provides you with the knowledge and experience of

  • Executives who literally "wrote the book" in traffic engineering and in microscopic modeling.
  • Key professionals well-versed in the most current, leading edge tools and systems that provide the highest quality, most effective results for your particular project.


KLD professionals have been active and have made key contributions to:

The Traffic Engineering text (Pearson/Prentice-Hall), 4 editions from 1990 to 2010

The Highway Capacity Manual, 1985 and 2000 editions

The Florida DOT Level of Service Handbook and its methodologies

The 2009 MUTCD (Traffic Signal Warrant 9)

Deliberations leading to the upcoming revisions to the NUREG’s affecting ETE’s


William McShane

William R McShane, PhD PE PTOE, is President and CEO of KLD Engineering , P.C. and KLD Associates, Inc., and lead design engineer at the firm, with the project managers and their teams reporting to him. Bill is a Fellow of ITE, a Life Member of IEEE, a Senior Member of IIE, and a Member of ASCE. He is registered in several states in which KLD practices.

The KLD practice areas that report to Bill are Traffic Engineering/ITS, Evacuation and Emergency Planning, and Transportation Safety. Bill is also Professor Emeritus at NYU-Poly (Polytechnic Institute of NYU, formerly Polytechnic University). He had an active career in the transportation research and academic programs, and served in various roles, including five years as Vice President/Dean responsible for all academic and research programs at Polytechnic. He was the original lead author of the text Traffic Engineering (Prentice-Hall, 1990) and remains one of the co-authors in the 4th edition (2010). He has contributed to the Highway Capacity Manual, conducted research for NCHRP and others, and served on national committees related to access management and to highway capacity/quality of flow, among others.

As a consultant to Florida DOT, his worked on a traffic planning methodology, HOV operations and capacity, and access management. At KLD, Bill is focused on building the next generation of leadership by working with his engineers on projects that involve signal timing and optimization, traffic impact and mitigation, adaptive traffic control, active traffic management, MPT, and emergency response.

Ed Lieberman

Edward Lieberman began his career as a structural engineer with A.G. McKee & Company designing petroleum refineries and chemical plants. He developed analyses and software describing flow fields about high-speed reentry space vehicles, and then went on to develop traffic simulation models with GASL. In 1971, Mr. Lieberman became one of three founders of KLD Associates, Inc.

Since then, he has developed a variety of traffic simulation models. Microscopic traffic simulation models that were developed by him were NETSIM and WATSim; a mesoscopic model developed was NETFLO; and a macroscopic model is DYNEV --- which is an evacuation model.

In the field of evacuation studies, he developed models that integrated trip distribution, assignment and traffic operations; these models being applied for over 20 years. Mr. Lieberman has managed evacuation studies for about twenty nuclear power plants. His simulation models study traffic performance on urban networks, on freeways and freeway corridors, and in toll plazas. These programs consider pedestrian interaction, truck and bus operations, special turning lanes, vehicle fuel consumption and emissions. Also developed by Mr. Lieberman were analytical treatments for traffic signal control policies, and the resultant software. He has developed advanced signal timing policies for both cycle-based and real-time applications.

Mr. Lieberman has managed numerous major projects, many sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP).

David Doucette

David R. Doucette, Ph.D., PE - Senior VP, KLD Engineering; Program VP, KLD Associates - has over 40 years experience in systems integration and project management. Dr. Doucette was Engineering Manager for the installation of a new emergency response (911-type) system for the city of Seoul, Korea, including a new Trunked Radio System, new Computer-Aided Dispatch, moving map displays in patrol cars, etc. He was also Project Manager for development of a new infrared traffic sensor for Grumman Corp.

He has managed other projects through Grumman Data Systems for the Department of Defense. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in New York and New Jersey.

Steven Mavros

Mr. Steven Mavros is a Senior Vice President of KLD Associates. Over the past 30 years, he has specialized in the management of traffic safety research projects. With an MBA and other advanced technical education, Mr. Mavros has the skill set needed to design, test, implement, and oversee all aspects of the traffic safety research.

Mr. Mavros manages KLD's regional headquarters in San Antonio, Texas and eleven branch offices located throughout the country. Twenty-five fully trained traffic crash researchers and eleven research assistants staff KLD's branch offices. The San Antonio office is responsible for all research management as well as quality control activities. In addition, it develops research methodology and data collection procedures, and trains field researchers.

The San Antonio office is staffed with four Team Coordinators, two injury-coding specialists (one with advanced medical/emergency training), four Senior Research Coordinators, and other technical and administrative personnel. Mr. Mavros also manages the data collection activities of twelve remote researchers. These researchers collect field data from 31 nationally distributed locations. Their data is sent to San Antonio where it is analyzed and coded by 5 specialized staff members. This group is also responsible for all quality control and training activities associated with these activities.

Kevin Weinisch

Kevin Weinisch, PE, is a Vice President of KLD Engineering and Program Vice President for KLD Associates. Mr. Weinisch has extensive experience in the development of evacuation time estimates (ETE) for nuclear power plants. He has served as project manager for ETE studies for 16 new plant applications to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) over the past 5 years. He has also served as a subject matter expert on the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) taskforce responsible for reviewing and commenting on proposed new NRC rules and guidance on ETE.

Mr. Weinisch has contributed to ETE studies for 33 nuclear power plants in the United States, Japan and Canada, including two of the highest population density sites in the US: Indian Point Energy Center (NY) and Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant (FL).

Mr. Weinisch has also been involved in all hazards evacuation planning for local municipalities and major metropolitan areas, including Washington, D.C., and in microscopic traffic simulation and traffic impact studies.

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