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Project Profiles

Our projects vary in scope, complexity and objectives according to each client's requirements.

We draw from an extensive source of proven tools, technologies and professional capabilities to serve each client.   And we consider each project a unique endeavor with unique objectives.

Our clients' projects focus primarily on                    

  • Traffic and Transportation Engineering
  • Emergency Planning
  • GIS and Other Support Services

Here are some examples…

Project Title: Third Water Tunnel Phase 1 MPT and Roosevelt Island Tramway MPT Evaluation
Objective: New York, NY Create a temporary traffic management strategy to mitigate the effects of the Third Water Tunnel construction in the area surrounding the Queensboro Bridge (QBB) in Manhattan.
Service Area: Traffic Engineering View This Project

Project Title: Second Avenue Subway (SAS) MPT Evaluation, New York, NY
Objective: Extend the model developed for the Queensboro Bridge and Third Water Tunnel work for NYCDOT to include the area around the Second Avenue Subway (SAS) construction at the 63rd Street Station and evaluate the traffic management strategy for this area. NYCDOT was interested in evaluating the combined effects of both of the construction projects that were scheduled to be concurrent in the area.
Service Area: Traffic Engineering View This Project

Project Title: Backup Alert and Notification Systems for Xcel Energy
Objective: Federal requirements (FEMA-REP-10) stipulate that the operators of nuclear power plants in the United States must notify the people within the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ – circle with an approximate 10-mile radius centered at the plant) in the event of an emergency at the plant in a timely fashion. Most plants use an outdoor siren system to accomplish this objective. In the event of a siren failure, backup alert and notification systems are needed. This project determined the number of backup alerting routes and resources needed to alert the population living within the EPZs of the Monticello and Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Stations in the event of siren failure. The route alerting system is a series of drivable routes by Sub‐Area (smaller division of the EPZ, which typically follows political or geographical boundaries) displayed with maps and turn-by-turn directions.
Service Area: Emergency Planning View This Project

Project Title: Siren Coverage and Population Analysis for Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Planning Zones
Objective: To verify adequate siren coverage within the Emergency Planning Zones (EPZ – circle with an approximate 10-mile radius centered at the plant) of the Harris Nuclear Plant located near Raleigh-Durham, NC.
Service Area: GIS Services View This Project


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project profiles


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