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Project Profiles

Our projects vary in scope, complexity and objectives according to each client's requirements.

We draw from an extensive source of proven tools, technologies and professional capabilities to serve each client.   And we consider each project a unique endeavor with unique objectives.

Our clients' projects focus primarily on                    

  • Traffic and Transportation Engineering
  • Emergency Planning
  • GIS and Other Support Services

Here are some examples…

Project Title: Emergency Response Organization Travel Time Study for Nuclear Power Plants
Objective: To provide travel time estimates for Emergency Response Organization (ERO) members reporting to the Brunswick Nuclear Plant in the event of an emergency.
Service Area: GIS Services View This Project

Project Title: Transit Dependent Bus Route Development
Objective: To develop a robust bus service for those residents of a jurisdiction who do not have access to a private vehicle for evacuation purposes within the Indian Point Energy Center Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ – circle with an approximate 10-mile radius centered at the plant).
Service Area: GIS Services View This Project

Project Title: Verrazano Narrows Bridge Toll Plaza Simulation Modeling
Objective: Identify and develop solutions to existing operational problems.
Service Area: Traffic Engineering View This Project

Project Title: Development of Trip Tables to Support the Development of the Lower Manhattan Simulation Model
Objective: A micro simulation model representing traffic operations in Manhattan south of Delancy Street was being created to assist the evaluation of numerous construction projects in Lower Manhattan. KLD’s role was to develop trip tables for use in the model.
Service Area: Traffic Engineering View This Project


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project profiles


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