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Traffic Engineering

Transit Signal Priority on Victory Boulevard, Staten Island


Evaluate the planned transit signal priority control system along Victory Boulevard in Staten Island for the New York City Department of Transportation.

The Challenge

As a part of the Staten Island/Brooklyn Mobility Enhancement Project, a transit signal priority system was implemented for a busy 1.5-mile section of Victory Boulevard terminating at the St. George Ferry Terminal. Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. was the prime contractor for the overall effort, with KLD acting as the primary subcontractor on the Transit Signal Priority Project.

KLD's challenge -- prior to the signal system's implementation -- was to

• Evaluate the impact of different inputs on vehicle travel times along this very busy bus route

• Determine the change in travel time resulting from these inputs.

KLD's Approach

KLD applied its own WATSim simulation software to imitate how the planned transit signal control system would perform.

For different scenarios, KLD determined the system's effectiveness by comparing certain measures such as travel times and delays for buses and other traffic.

By sending buses into this traffic network according to a real-world schedule, KLD's simulation software could accurately represent the interaction between public transit and general traffic.

Project Results

KLD enabled the client to

• Compare traffic flow scenarios as they would occur before and after engaging the signal control system

• Confirm the control system's anticipated benefits


 Key Words: traffic control,engineering,transit signal priority,transit priority


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