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KLD Software Tools

Throughout all phases of your traffic and transportation program, you receive the added value and advantage of KLD's

  • Ability to apply software best suited to your specific needs and applications
  • Commitment to advancing simulation quality and effectiveness
  • Experience in traffic simulation software development

We also have a strong in-house 3D visualization capability to support your needs.

Traffic simulation and analysis systems KLD has developed to meet your needs

Primary Tools

You benefit from our expertise in applying and integrating a wide variety of specialty software systems with our own to give you outstanding results.

These primary systems include

  • Synchro and SimTraffic Traffic experts often integrate these systems. Synchro analyzes signal timing and traffic. SimTraffic simulates vehicle movements throughout a network.

  • AIMSUN Government agencies, municipalities, universities and consultants use this software for traffic engineering and simulation, transportation planning and emergency evacuation studies. Such studies typically focus on road improvements, reducing emissions and congestion or on designing positive environments for vehicles and pedestrians.

  • VISSIM Transportation professionals use this highly realistic modeling system to generate multi-modal traffic simulations. It accurately represents urban and highway traffic, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorized vehicles.

  • TruTraffic TruTraffic TS/PP (formerly TS/PP-Draft) is a worksheet for drafting time-space or platoon-progression diagrams. It allows the user to see the entire diagram in colorful, high resolution on the screen.

  • TransCAD and BPM TransCAD is a Geographic Information System (GIS) designed to store, display, manage and analyze transportation data. It combines GIS and transportation modeling capabilities in a single integrated platform, and can be used for all modes of transportation, at any scale or level of detail.

  • ArcGIS Engine This software provides geographic information designers use to view and create maps and analyze spacial data.

  • AutoCAD Designers frequently use this popular computer aided design software for projects requiring highly detailed imagery. It contains applications specific to building bridges, roads and tunnels.

  • Arena and ProModel Traffic professionals use these general purpose event simulation software systems for logistical and transportation planning, design and evaluation.

  • Border Wizard This system simulates border crossing movements of autos, buses, trucks and pedestrians. It can duplicate all inspection and security procedures at any land border station to determine infrastructure, facility and operational needs.

  • HCS+ The initials "HCS" stand for Highway Capacity Software. Developers, engineers and researchers use this software to analyze most types of roadways and transportation facilities.

  • CORSIM Designers use this system primarily to simulate vehicle traffic on streets, freeways and integrated networks containing control devices such as stop/yield signs and traffic signals.

  • TRANSYT-7F Users typically apply this system to analyze network-wide traffic signal performance. They often extract individual traffic intersection reports to include in traffic impact studies and other reports.

  • KLD Specialty Tools
    • ETE & Evacuation Routes
    • Toll Facilities





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