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Traffic and Transportation Engineering / ITS

Our traffic engineering and ITS services include:

  • Traffic impact studies, mitigation, and maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT)
  • Traffic signal systems: retiming, transit signal priority, adaptive control
  • Operational analysis of design alternatives: surface street, bridges, tunnels, border crossings
  • Traffic simulation and visualization
  • Toll facilities

Traffic Impact and Mitigation

  • Traffic impact studies and mitigation plans for license applications or emergency plans for proposed nuclear power plants at sites in NY, NJ , PA and MD
  • Analysis of iPark Development, Lake Success, NY
  • Analysis of proposed commercial and parking facilities in Yonkers, NY

Traffic Signal Systems

  • Signal Retiming – NYCDOT city wide, multiple corridors
  • Adaptive Control Decision Support System (ACDSS) for NYCDOT – adaptive signal control based on real time field detector data with “operator in the loop”
  • Transit Signal Priority (TSP) – analysis of operations for the 1st (TSP) project in NYC on Staten Island. Also performed similar studies for SEPTA in Philadelphia, for NFTA in Buffalo, N.Y., and NJDOT in Newark, N.J.

Analysis of Traffic Operations

  • Evaluation of design alternatives
  • LOS, delay and traffic signal warrant analyses
  • Traffic analyses to support air and noise quality studies
  • Speed and Delay Studies

Simulation and Visualization

  • Rigorous traffic simulation models are used to quantify effects and create visuals for analyses
  • Facilities analyzed include freeway interchanges, arterials, corridors, toll plazas and border crossings
  • Pedestrian modeling
  • MPT
  • Truck berth operations for market/distribution centers
  • 3-D visualizations for decision makers
  • Life-like visuals for public hearings and public information meetings
  • Customized simulation model plug-in development, training and support

Toll Plazas and Facilities

  • Electronic toll collection strategies and operations
  • Optimize number, mix and placement of toll lanes
  • Anticipate and solve operational problems
  • Construction and reconstruction strategies
  • 3D and 2D visualizations



 Project Profiles

Project Title: Third Water Tunnel Phase 1 MPT and Roosevelt Island Tramway MPT Evaluation

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Project Title: Second Avenue Subway (SAS) MPT Evaluation, New York, NY

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Project Title: Verrazano Narrows Bridge Toll Plaza Simulation Modeling

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