7th Avenue/Times Square Reconstruction MPT Evaluation

New York, NY


The objective of the project was to apply the (three level macro‐meso‐micro) Manhattan Traffic Model (MTM) to accurately represent and evaluate MPT 700 plans related to street reconstruction along 7th Avenue in the Time Square area and develop mitigation measures.

The large database of traffic data in the MTM, Midtown In Motion project, historical data from NYCDOT using their TIMS system, and the taxi GPS datasets were analyzed to determine the underlying traffic patterns of the critical segment of 7th avenue that traverses through Times Square and was part of the reconstruction. Multiple field visits were completed to reaffirm the patterns and observe traffic operations. Mitigation measures were developed and evaluated using the MTM, Synchro/SimTraffic and HCS. The project had a challenging schedule. The recommendations were presented to representatives from the Mayor of New York City’s office given the sensitive nature of the location of the project. Based on the recommendations stipulations were developed by NYCDOT for the construction permits.

The second phase of this project involved the analysis of OD patterns of traffic that would be impacted by the planned reconstruction along 7th Avenue using the ETC tag reader data from the Midtown in Motion project. An algorithm was developed to estimate OD tables with route information using the ETC tag reader data that is available as part of the Midtown in Motion project. This is being applied to evaluate the patterns of traffic currently using the part of 7th avenue that is planned for reconstruction. This will provide input to refining the MPT (if needed) and refine the analysis completed using the Manhattan Traffic Model. The first phase of project was completed by KLD under an ESA held by GPI, and the second phase was being completed under an ESA as part of the JHK Team.