Annual Counts for PANYNJ

New York, NY

KLD completed the annual traffic counts for the PANYNJ at all their crossings in 2014 and 2015.

KLD worked closely with Trip Consultants USA, Inc., who provided the staff and equipment to complete the two data collection efforts in the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.

The PANYNJ was looking for traffic counts at all of their crossings in both directions (tolled and non-tolled) which was completed using a combination of traffic counters and video based data reduction.

The data collection and QC/QA plan was developed by KLD and executed by Trip. The data reduction, analysis, and documentation was completed by KLD.

In addition, the PANYNJ requested data to be collected at the bus terminal, and at the toll plazas related to the bus operations and the toll plaza operations. These were collected using a Mobile App on a tablet device.  This innovative approach reduced data entry efforts and improved the quality of the data. The Mobile App was developed expressly by KLD and Trip provided the man power to complete the data collection.  The App encrypted the data locally and stored it the cloud with real time updates.

This was completed as part of the Oncall agreement held by KLD with the Port Authority.