Traffic Impact Studies for Nuclear Power Plant Construction

Various Sites in NY, NJ, MD and PA

KLD was responsible for the development of traffic impact study reports related to the proposed expansion at Nuclear Power Plant sites in NY, NJ, MD and PA. At each site, a separate report was created to provide inputs for the Environmental Report that was part of the Federal application package to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in order to build a new nuclear power plant.

Following the federal submission, separate reports were developed presenting the traffic impacts and proposed mitigation measures to support the local permit applications.

These traffic impact studies were similar to large construction projects. Data was collected on site and trip generation rates were developed based on inputs from the construction contractors because of the unique nature of these projects. Traffic planning and capacity analysis was the key elements of the analyses. The analysis was performed according to each state’s procedure. Synchro/SimTraffic and the Highway Capacity Manual (HCS) were main tools used in the analyses. CAD drawings were created to represent the conceptual drawings of proposed mitigation measures.