Third Water Tunnel Phase 1 MPT and Roosevelt Island Tramway MPT Evaluation

New York, NY

A simulation model was created representing the roadway network around the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge (QBB) in the Manhattan side from 56th Street to 63rd Street, and 1st Avenue to 5th Avenue. This model was applied to evaluate the MPT plans related to the Phase 1 of the Third water tunnel construction. The critical elements were a full street closure of 59th Street between 3rd and 2nd Avenue and the use of a contra flow lane on 2nd Avenue to access the QBB lower level from 58th Street.

The model was applied to evaluate the plans during the weekday and weekend peak periods. The analysis verified that the contra flow was needed and recommendations including signal timing plan changes were provided to the MPT plans. The tools used in the analyses were Aimsun and Synchro/SimTraffic.

As a supplemental effort, the analysis of the street closures from the rehabilitation of the Roosevelt Island Tramway was also completed. Under this task, the MPT was developed, evaluated and implemented in the field during the closures using capacity analyses based on the HCM.

Both these tasks were completed as part of an Engineering Services Agreement (ESA) held by GPI.