Traffic Engineer

Islandia, NY Full-time

  • Transportation modelling in Synchro/SimTraffic, HCS+, Tru-Traffic, Aimsun, and VISSIM
  • Perform traffic studies and analyze traffic data such as turning movement counts, pedestrian counts, vehicle queuing, and heavy vehicle percentage
  • Crash data analysis and suggest countermeasures
  • Calibrate traffic simulation model by fine-tuning parameters such as traffic volume, lane changing behavior, green light reaction time, acceleration and braking behavior in the model and simulate real-time traffic conditions
  • Visualize traffic data in Google Earth/GIS
  • Conduct signal retiming for multiple corridors for NYCDOT
  • Perform level of service, delay, and traffic signal warrant analyses
  • Conduct Speed and Delay Studies
  • Draft drawings in AutoCAD/ MicroStation for roadway improvement projects.
  • Document research, analyze, assumptions, methodology, and results in a technical report
  • Prepare evacuation time estimate analysis for nuclear and wildfire emergencies pursuant to federal, state, and local regulations, including:
  • Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, Appendix E to Part 50, Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Producing and Utilization Facilities
  • NUREG/CR-7002, Criteria for Development of Evacuation Time Estimate Studies
  • NUREG 0654/FEMA REP 1, Criteria for Preparation and Evaluation of Radiological Emergency Response Plans and Preparedness in Support of Nuclear Power Plants
  • The California Legislature Senate Bill 901
  • Provide statistical analyses to estimate evacuating vehicles and their trip generation rates.
  • Build computerized models of the roadway system, including all roadway and traffic signal characteristics.
  • Measure the effectiveness of different state-of-the-art evacuation techniques such as contraflow, traffic control, limiting the number of evacuation vehicles, etc.
  • Compute evacuation time estimates

Bachelor’s Degree required in Civil Engineering or Transportation Engineering or Transportation Planning.